Live Point to Point

The best example for live broadcastings from one location to another is the daily use in the television’s news: from a location, outside of the studio, pictures are broadcasted or the anchorman is talking to his reporter abroad. live-switching
Imagine, the receiving location would not be the television studio, but your event location or your company: As part of a conference or a presentation, you could not only see pictures from an outside location and show them to others, you can even ask questions back to a contact person on the scene. Because our transmission units are fully mobile, the place of broadcasting can it be, too. Thereby it doesn’t make a difference for us, whether this place is a point on the road of a marathon race or the operating room for a surgery at a univerity hospital. live-medical
At sport broadcastings, our mobile camera can be on the move with the athletes, even at wide areas of a race through whole landscapes or a marathon, while pictures are live on the screens at the spectator places, at the target range, or in television. live-sport-broadcast
Also possible would be the use in the security sector, as well as for government authorities, like police or fire departments: pictures can be transmitted from the field to the coordination control room. live-police-picture
In summer 2012, one of our crews was at the large occupy demonstrations in Frankfurt, when activists attempted to stop the businnes of all the banks there: For the television stations of ARD (first german television programme), we delivered amazing pictures for the daily news. Even on the run through street canyons, we have sent pictures of the protesters live to the station. live-moving
For this special and long-term planned mission, one of our receiving servers, was installed at the local television office of ARD, the main switching room of HR (Hessicher Rundfunk). In case of short term or nationwide missions, we could switch the signals of our mobile broadcasting units to the fiber line television network BNS / NGN, or via satellite uplink to SNG, satellite news gathering services, f.e. for short term-planned live switchings. tv-international-switching