Live at the location

At many locations, video live recordings and broadcastings to large screens or video walls have become part of the events. Spectators and visitors expect to be entertained in a multimedial way. With our fully mobile Flightcase HD Broadcast Direction Unit, which can be build to our T5 VAN like as a little OB VAN,
we hit the nerve of the times !
We cut the images of different cameras live on location, thanks to our mobile vision mixers, of course,
we can provide a sub-mix for beamers, video walls or control screens. We are able to play in pre-recorded content, insert titles and graphic layers, for example sport times or the score, a company logo or name overlays. Important scenes, that happened irretrievably, could be repeated immediately or time-shifted to all spectators, even in slow motion, thanks to our hard disk recorders.
This mixed program signal, we can provide to the media guests of your event, for example to journalists. They can get a record on different professional broadcasting tapes and optical disc’s (such as MPEG IMX, Digital Betacam, XDCAM HD 422), or even on an usb stick. Of course, they can record our programme signal with their own recorders, too, due to the HD SDI or SD SDI standard. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the work for international television stations, we know the different television norms
and can even change between the standards, so that every guest is getting the correct signal for him.



Further, our Flightcase HD Broadcast Direction Unit is, in combination with our live-experienced crew,
a perfect basis for master records of DVD and BluRay Productions. In this process, the first version of the master record, is finished after the end of the event, and ready to use, for example in ProRes422 codec or on XDCAM HD422. For the direct use as a video data file, we can encode live in H.264 format, so that you can show the record directly on mobile devices or share it on the internet or with usb sticks.
Do not compromise by choosing your media partner !
Our professional crew serves successfully a variety of events for nearly two decades.

Come and join to the regional market leader ! Your events are worth it.