Live to Internet

In the opinion of most people, it can’t be that difficult, to broadcast a video to the internet, because a lot of users do something like this with their webcam or their smartphone. But, what if several viewers should watch your broadcast simultanously at the same time ? This would be much more difficult, because video broadcasts expand the limit of normal internet servers quickly. camera-eon
That’s the reason, why we are working together with experienced providers, whose server capacities are specially designed for video livestreaming. In our own Video-Line live channel, there is plenty of room for several thousand viewers at any time, without lengthy preparation or booking. Due to long-term setup for special events, the capacity can be increased, of course. exhibition-broadcast
But, how to get the live video from the event location to the streaming server ? That’s the most exciting part of our job. As one of very few companies in whole europe, we are almost independent from the conditions of the availability of internet connections at the different locations. Thanks to our mobile live broadcasting units, we are able to start broadcasting within minutes, where the service of other providers depends on existing connections or WiFi access points at the events places. exhibition-tv
Due to bonding the capacity of different mobile providers, our mobile units reach an availability and a connection safety of over 90%, measured by our experience during the past years. That is something special, no other production company can ensure in this manner, and is unrivaled anywhere in Europe. For example, we would estimate the availabilty or connection safety of a fictitious provider, who is using only one 3G connection or an existing LAN at the location, clearly to under 50%. Our autonomous systems can even broadcast out of moving objects. regie-nuernberg
Depending on the requested event, we broadcast at the location with only one camera, which is directly connected to our mobile broadcasting unit. Then we do the live editing of the signal in our studio, for example with titles, graphics and pre-recorded content or other footage. From there the signal can be provided live to the internet by our streaming server, but it also can be broadcasted time-shifted.
At bigger event locations, we are able to mix and cut multiple cameras directly,
thanks to our Flight case HD broadcast live direction unit which can be build to our
T5 VAN like as a little OB VAN. Then we can even develop a Sub Mix as footage for a Beamer or a Video Wall at the event location. Further it is possible to record your event, for example for a DVD or BluRay Production or other digital formats.
The kind of events is as different as our clients are: Fairs and exhibitions; meetings from governments or businnes companies, like annual general meetings and party days; medical congresses; sports events or championship celebrations; concerts, festivals and shows; carnival and many other colorful events … Besides the live broadcasting of an event, we can even create video clips for video on demand, hosted by a Video CMS (Content Management System). conference-broadcast