We broadcast transmissions

- Livestreaming to the internet
- Transmissions to
  Streaming Server
- Point to Point Transmissions
- Mobile Transmissions
- Channel Bonding 3G UMTS
  and 4G LTE
- Mobile Satellite Uplink Ka-Band
- Satellite Uplink Ku-Band
- Out of whole Germany and
   different parts of Europe

Video Equipment
on Site

- Mobile Direction Unit
- Live Mix of 2 up to 10 Cameras
- full live camera chaims
- Remote controlled
  dome camera systems
- Input of external sources f.e.
- movies or presentations or
- title and graphics insert
- can be configurated
  as our OB VAN
- Mix of Clean Feed
  or Dirty Feed and
- Delivering via HD/SD-SDI or
- Record for Guests
  or Journalists or
- Copy to DVD or USB Memory
- Host Broadcaster Services

Streaming Studio

- Broadcast Studio Services for
  your Livestream out of our most
  modern Streaming Studio
- Ideal for locations with limited
  room or events with a wide area
  or multiple locations
- Direct Transmission just of single
  cameras from the field location
- Complete Live Processing in
  our Studio and
- Live or time-shifted
  Broadcasting incl.
- Play-in of Movies and Titles
- Presenters out of our Studio
- Downlink and Play-in of external
  sources f.e. via
- BNS / NGN ,
  ex ATM fiber network
- Satellite-Downlink

Live Transmissions for

- Events
- Fairs and Exhibitions
- Conferences
- Government meetings
- Annual general Meetings
- Concerts
- Festivals
- Sports events f.e.
- Marathon
- Bike Races
- Horse Races
- Television
- Daily News
- Live Talks and Voicers
- full mobile live transmissions
- Live Broadcasting while Driving

Additional Services

- Event and Video Equipment
- Audio Equipment /
  Public Address PA
- rent mobile internet connections
- W-LAN WiFi Hotspots for Events
- Connections via 4G LTE and
- WiFi everywhere via KA-SAT
- Streaming Studio with different
- Live Direction Units
  and Connections
- SD / HD Satellite
  Uplink & Downlink
- SD / HD BNS Fibre
  Transmit & Receive

Company Details

- Owner-led company
- Over 19 years experience
- 10 years educational company
- Motivated Crew with joy
  at their work
- Benefit of synergy effects
  of the knowledge of
- Productions for all
  German Major Stations
- and a lot of Newspapers
  and Websites
- Service Provider even for a
  lot of international TV Stations
- Movie Producer for
  important companies
- Experienced Crew for
  Live Direction and
- Camera or Director of
  Photography and
- Video and Event Technicians


Please contact us for your request.
Phone: +49 231 9128650 , Mobile: +49 172 5955177