Our Company

allow us to introduce ourselves, we are the Crew of Video-Line TV & Video Production Germany. Our headquarter is based in Dortmund, a city in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region (North Rine Westphalia),
not far away from Cologne. Additionally, we also have offices in the northern and southern area of Germany. Since nearly two decades, we are well established as service provider for television and movie productions. We realize productions and technical services for Television and Radio Stations, Online Media Providers and other Production Companies or clients, coming from sports, show, industrial or incentive sector.
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Our first own live productions, we did in 1997. Of course, they came out of a regional TV Studio, because broadcastings from outside locations were very expensive at this time. Around the turn of the millenium, the first fully digital network between important television stations and production companies was built up in Germany, based on fibre lines. 
Since then, our technicians realize broadcastings inside Germany or even worldwide. The highlight for us was during the Football WoldCup 2006, when our studio was the base station for television teams, coming from over 15 different nations, to broadcast their pictures home to their stations by digital lines or satellite news gathering uplinks.  television-switching
Out of the sectors of television news and online media, a growing desire of more compact and mobile broadcastings units, was reported to us. That was the reason, why we established first tests with fully mobile broadcasting units in 2009. At first, this was pioneering work, – like our first movies for the internet in the end of the 90s. But at the beginning of 2011 the systems were such ready for the market, that we use them for the whole circle of our customers since then, without any failures on air, which were worth mentioning. news-live-broadcast
Thanks to this systems, live broadcasting services turned also interesting and cost efficient to clients, who could not use them, caused by high cost or large, immovable equipment for mobile events. Thanks to our experience, we are able to support you, from the beginning of your idea of a live broadcasting, in the work for planning and organization. We chose the right systems, take a look to the content and technical conception and realize your production at the event location. ob-van-meppen
The same applies to live recordings, which we realize with different cameras and our mobile studio equipment, thanks to our Flight case HD broadcast live direction unit which can be build to our T5 VAN like as a little OB VAN , including mobile vision mixers. That kind of service we offer for example for DVD and BluRay Productions or for the Internet, Live Streaming or Record. Let us convince you of our services!
We look forward to your inquiry.